Hotmail/msn/outlook email addresses - Please read

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Hotmail/msn/outlook email addresses - Please read

Post by Arano »

Update as of May 2018:

Despite numerous attempts, Microsoft still has not removed our server off their blacklist completely. All users who have Live, MSN, Hotmail and Outlook email addresses may not receive any email notifications from us. This effects:

Account registration - you will not get an activation email
Password changes - you will not get a new password activation email
This means your account needs to be activated manually by us.

All new registrations will be activated manually by staff. We'll endeavour to check the inactive account list every day, but please be aware you may not be able to log in immediately:

1. Try logging in with your registered username and password periodically a few hours after you signed up/after you've changed details on an existing account.
2. If you can't log in after 24 hours, please email and/or

Thank you for your cooperation!

- Arano

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