[GRP] Reno - 'RILEY'

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[GRP] Reno - 'RILEY'

Post by Gingastar » Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:26 am

Name: Riley
Age: 3 years
Gender: female
Breed: Akita
Location: Northern Alps
Pack: Ciel's
Rank: Soldier
Personality: Sweet, friendly, humble
Likes: Damien, humans,
Dislikes: Outsiders, Death, others who are rude
Backstory: Riley was a pet dog with her father and her brother. One day their human did not come back and the three decide to leave. They travel around until they walked into the Northern Alps and into Ciel's pack. Her father was killed and they two ran before she was push into the river by her brother. She was then saved by Damien who beg the great dane to let her be spare and join the pack. He agree and she was dpare but her brother was not. She stay with Damien and they had four pups together
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Strength- 2 Perception- 1 Endurance- 3 Charisma- 1 Intelligence- 1 Agility- 5 Luck- 4

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