[GRP] VenFenrir - 'TAKUMI'

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[GRP] VenFenrir - 'TAKUMI'

Post by Gingastar » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:16 am

Name: Takumi (Translation: Skillful)

Age: 1 Year and 3 Months

Gender: Male

Breed: Akita/German Shepard Mix

Location: Outskirts of Ohu

Pack: Travels with his brother (Hibiki)

Rank: First, Alpha

Personality: Takumi is reserved and quiet. When he does speak it is blunt and to the point, often coming off as cold hearted. He spouts a quick temper, but it hardly ever is out of his control. He has a hard time trusting others, and prefers to be left alone unless he is the one to start a conversation. Despite his distant nature he has a soft side, and if someone can get close enough to him to experience it, they'll see he has a heart of pure gold and won't hesitate to put himself in harms way to keep them safe.

Likes: Manners, Silence, Basking in the moonlight, Chivalry, Feeling important, His younger brother.

Dislikes: Having his alone time disturbed, Other dogs talking about pride or honor, Males disrespecting Females (reminds him of his mother's death), being teased, anyone being mean to his brother (he'll probably try to kill them).

Backstory: Takumi was born with four other pups to his parents, a male German Shepard and a white coated Akita mother. While they were growing food became scarce causing his father to become desperate to provide for his family. Eventually he was killed by other strays while trying to steal food, leaving his mother alone to care for the pups. She took up the role as provider despite her pups young age, doing her best to keep them alive. Takumi managed to survive due to her hard work and caution, but she unfortunately was unable to keep his siblings alive. She trained her son to be a strong and independent male, and as he grew he began to spend more and more time alone, occasionally checking on her to make sure she was okay. With her son no longer in need of her care, she began to get lonely, eventually meeting a pet Kai Ken who she married. She proceeded to give birth to five puppies, though her husband's owners were kept unaware of his family. Since he was confide to his house's yard, Takumi helped his mother in birthing and raising the pups. One day she was attacked by a group of stray males, forced to fight them herself as Takumi was hunting and her husband trapped in his own home. She managed to kill two of her attackers, and injured the remaining one who fled, but not before four of her pups were killed in the conflict, and being fatally wounded herself. Takumi arrived to the horrifying scene to late, unable to help his mother in any way. With her dying breath she told him to care for his step brother, whom she had named Hibiki, as he was the sole survivor, an echo of his big brother, Takumi. The two have been traveling as a pair ever since.

Image or Description:

(I got this Image using Wyndbain's Wolf Maker, because I have no artistic ability, credit is not mine)

Strength 4 Perception 3 Endurance 5 Charisma 1 Intelligence 3 Agility 3 Luck 1 (Takumi is incredibly pain tolerate, and is quite a capable fighter. He has decent perception, reasoning, and agility. Unfortunately his introverted and blunt nature makes him very non-charismatic, and luck and fortune tend to not be in his favor)

Banners by me

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