[GRP] VenFenrir - 'HIBIKI'

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[GRP] VenFenrir - 'HIBIKI'

Post by Gingastar » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:11 am

Name: Hibiki (Translation: Echo)

Age: Almost 7 Months

Gender: Male

Breed: Akita/Kai Ken Mix

Location: Outskirts of Ohu

Pack: Travels with his brother, (Takumi)

Rank: Second, Omega

Personality: Hibiki can be very self contradictory for example, he gets lonely easily but hates being crowded. Aside from being a hypocrite at times, he is quite friendly easily making friends with others, though he can be overly trusting at times. His compassionate nature makes it easy for him to get close to others, while often forgetting to think of his own personal needs. He sometimes can be aloof, innocently focusing on minor things while important events are taking place around him. He also occasionally suffers from random periods of depression, but will try his best to keep it hidden behind the widest smile he can manage. He makes family rather then friends, and is fiercely loyal to anyone within his inner circle of companions.

Likes: Being complemented, Watching birds, Playing with other dogs, His older brother.

Dislikes: Being told he can't take part in things he is too young for, Watching things get killed (reminds him of his mother), Being reminded that meat comes from dead things, Listening to other dogs fight with his brother.

Backstory: Hibiki was born to a white coated akita, whom he resembled, and her second husband a pet Kai Ken. One day while his step brother Takumi was hunting, and his father was at his home, Hibiki was forced to watch his siblings die while his mother attempted to fend off a group of dogs. She managed to kill two of the dogs, and injure the third who fled, but was fatally wounded herself. His step brother Takumi arrived too late to help her, and with her dying breath she instructed him to take care of his younger brother and named him Hibiki because like Takumi he was the only survivor of his litter, and therefore was an echo of him. Hibiki spent most of his young life traveling with his Takumi, who cared for him the best he could. Due to his brother's quiet nature, Hibiki never became accustom to mingling with others, and remains unaware of how serious the world can be at times. As they traveled he began to develop mood swings, having occasional periods of depression for no reason, then instantily becoming his young optimistic self again. Hoping to find a safe place for them, and trying to find a means of providing Hibiki with happiness, Takumi decided to take him to Ohu. The two traveling together, hoping to find paradise and a home.

(Image was made using Petlandia.com, because I lack artistic ability, credit goes to that website)

Strength 2 Perception 3 Endurance 1 Charisma 3 Intelligence 3 Agility 4 Luck 4 (Hibiki is amazingly agile, and even acrobatic at times. He usually seems to get the best out of a situation as well. His perception and intellect are quite decent, however he is fairly weak and lacks any constitution to speak of.)

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