[GRP] Gingastar - 'KOSUKE'

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[GRP] Gingastar - 'KOSUKE'

Post by Gingastar » Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:25 pm

Name: Kosuke

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Koga/Pit Bull/Golden Retriever mix


Pack: n/a

Rank: n/a


+ Helpful
+ Generous
+ Encouraging

= Determined
= Forgiving/Merciful
= Humorous

- Irrational
- Gullible
- Unrealistic


Hot weather
Yelling (both being the one yelling and being the one on the receiving end)

Born in a puppy mill Kosuke honestly doesn't remember much of that life, he was adopted very early into his puppyhood by a kind young man named Don. His life had been mostly uneventful really, simply having fun, going on trips with Don, just usual dog and owner fun. The two had a close bond, and would do most things together.

Unfortunately things became a little hectic not long ago. Don worked many jobs and sometime late night shifts to make enough money to get by, and while Don was at work one night Kosuke did the usual and waited for his human to come home. However, a fire started in the house, whether it was intentional or some faulty-wiring was unknown, and Kosuke barley managed to get out alive, only surviving due to the quick work of some firefighters. Authorities tried to get in touch with Don, but Kosuke's owner never turned up. He had left his night shift that day but had not been seen since. It was believed that something perhaps happened to him on the way home from work, and weeks went by without any news.

Without Don Kosuke needed to be re-homed, given to Don's cousin who lived not too far away. Kosuke held the strong belief that Don was alive somewhere though, and even possibly in danger, and so he ran off in search of him.

Art and Design by Limecrumble on DA
Kosuke is a bulky Koga/Pit Bull/Golden Retriever mix. He has soft, medium length grey fur and thick floppy ears and a snaggletooth on each side of his face. He sports a large yellow collar.

Additional art: Headshot by Akame:

Strength 5 Perception 3 Endurance 4 Charisma 2 Intelligence 3 Agility 1 Luck 2

Banners by me

Avatar by runefactory5

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