Favorite and Least Favorite GNG Characters

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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite GNG Characters

Post by Kenny »

Favorites: Riki, young gin, cross

least favorites: smith
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite GNG Characters

Post by 4townie »


:ben: Ben
:hidetoshi: Hidetoshi
:sniper: Sniper
:gin: Gin
:benizakura: Benizakura
:kurotora: Kurotora
:smith: Smith
:hyena: Hyena
:moss: Moss
:akame: Akame
:john: John
:riki: Riki
:hakuro: Hakuro
:akakabuto: Akakabuto
:kurojaki: Kurojaki
:thousanddragon: Thousand Dragon

Least Favorites

:wilson: Wilson
:gaia: Gaia
:retsuga: Retsuga
:reima: Reima
:fuga: Fuga
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite GNG Characters

Post by Syl16 »

Favorites: Harpoon bear, Akakabuto.

Cofession is I am more into the world of villians. Back to the topic, why do I like these guys?

Akakabuto: He very much establishes himself as a villian; he can care less of who gets in his way, just get out of the way. How he represents himself as bloodthirsty, callous. Personally, he does see like a decent boss, at least. It is more interesting that we can see him talk, and not just animalistic, like in the anime. He does show that he is not a mindless animal, in a way he thinks sort of out of the box.

Harpooned bear: How he is drawn, how he also establishes himself. He is mysterious, in the way that we find ourselves immersed in the little lines he speaks. He may be a representation of 'show, don't tell,' or he has other characters talking about him, which they do show he is a threat. He is the outsider of the bears, he doesn't follow blindly and he follows his own rules.
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite GNG Characters

Post by Elkhound »

My favorites are Kurotora, Benizakura, and Gin! I think all of them are really fun characters. I can't say I truly dislike any character, but Gohei is probably the one that I like least. He does have a connection with his dogs but he was just overall a jerk and abusive towards Gin at the beginning. I know "tough love" and all that, but that was overkill.
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