Got locked out again!

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Got locked out again!

Post by Platina1 »

Platina again. For freaks sake, this board must hate me or something! I changed my password twice, and wrote them down exactly as I typed them!! I wrote down the password I was given by email yesterday, even signed in three times to make sure it worked, and it did! Now it won't let me log in with that password after getting kicked off of my log in a bit ago! I didn't mess with my browser cache this time, can't log back in with the password I used, and I know if I keep trying, I'll get locked out!

I did a virus scan on my PC but no threats were detected. This might be a problem with Firefox, but I don't know. I'm getting scared at this point!
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Re: Got locked out again!

Post by Arano »

Hm you're doing something wrong somewhere because you have reset your password, but I can't see what it is.

I've changed it back to the one I gave you, but keep it for a while and don't try to change it.

The board will log you out periodically so make sure you have it written down or saved to your browser.
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