Ginga character ages

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Ginga character ages

Post by Digsu » Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:31 pm

Exactly what it says in the title: Ginga dogs (and a couple wolves) and their canon ages.

I'm mostly basing these on instances where the narration clearly states "x was this old" or "that happened so and so many years ago, when I was z old", because the timeline in Ginga is... not very consistent. You can try calculating the age yourself if you want, eg. "if this character is 15 in GDW, he would have been y old in GNG", but there's no way of telling if that's actually the canon answer due to the aforementioned flexible timeline - eg. GDW takes place either 12 or 15 years after GNG depending on which chapter you believe, and if you can figure out exactly how much time passes between the beginning and end of GDW then, frankly, you're waaaaayyy ahead of me.

I also chose not to list characters whose births we've seen, but who haven't had their ages confirmed, like Gin. This, too, is mostly because of the "ambiguous timeline" issue (though that's just me, feel free to add these if you disagree).

The only exceptions are Unsai and Kawasemi who were 3 and 0,5-1 years old, respectively, in the GNG era, because I couldn't find any direct reference to their ages at all.

I probably missed some so feel free to add any that are missing from the list!

edit: In hindsight just making an alphabetic list probably wasn't the best way of organizing it so I broke it down into the separate series. The characters are listed under the series they were introduced in, regardless of when their age was revealed.

Aka: 4 years (GNG)
Akatora, Chutora, Kurotora: 4 years (GNG)
Benizakura: 10 years (GNG) or 12 years (Gaiden)
Don: 3 years (GNG)
Cross: 8 years (GNG)
Juga: Over 200 years (GNG)
Kisaragi: 16 years (GDWO)
Madara: 8 years (GNG)
Reima: Around 10,5 years (GNG)
Riki: 8 years(GNG)
Shiro: 4 years (start of GDR)
Smith: 15 years (start of GDW)

GB: 7 years (GDW, Hybrids arc)
Hiro: 2,5 years (GDW, Hougen arc)
Hougen and Genba: Around 4 years (GDW, Hougen arc)
Jerome: At least 9 years (GDW, Kaibutsu arc)
Kaibutsu: 8 years (GDW, Kaibutsu arc)
Koga Elder: 31 years (TLW) (no, that's not a typo)
Kyoshiro: 1 year (GDW, Hougen arc)
Kyoshiro's ninja followers: Under 1 year (GDW, Hougen arc)
Lydia: 6 years (TLW)
Rocket, Jet, Missile: 5-6 years (GDW, Hougen arc)
Teru: Less than 6 months (GDW, Hougen arc)
Weed, Joe, Yukimura: 6 months (start of GDW)

Kawasemi: Around 13-17 years (GDWO)
Kenshin: 12 years (TLW)
Kojuurou: "Equivalent to an 80-year-old human" (GDWO)
Masamune: 7 years (GDWO)
Orion, Sirius, Rigel, Bella, Yamabiko, Bon, Jerome and Lydia's pups: Around 6 months (GDWO)*
Unsai: Around 16-19 years (GDWO)

*Jerome and Lydia's pups were retconned into being six months older than the Star Siblings in TLW

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