Ginga Plushies Tiermaker List!!

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Re: Ginga Plushies Tiermaker List!!

Post by Arano » Fri Oct 29, 2021 11:07 am

PurePlastic are doing a raffle, and all you need to do is post your plushies tiermaker list on their facebook post, or post on instagram or twitter with the correct hashtags for a chance of winning something :)

Details: ... 5855850484

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Re: Ginga Plushies Tiermaker List!!

Post by Gultair » Tue Jan 25, 2022 6:19 pm

I know I'm extremely late to the party, but I love this!


I put a lot of importance on expression and detail.. so the plain Akita (especially PurePlastic) for the most part just don't do much for me. I love the vintage look of Promo Weed, though, and TS Gin just has the best expression out of any of the plushes. I know Hogen's markings are just screen printed, but they add so much to the appearance of the plush.

Even putting aside my feelings on Kurojaki as a character, I love his plush so much. The details and the colors are beautiful, and the expression is so sharp and alert.

PP Jerome might be in S-tier for me if he didn't have such a soft/kind expression. It is very charming to me and it makes me love Jerome even more, but in the end it just seems very unfitting. :EMPTY:

...What's up with TS Jerome and John though? And PP Kyoshiro's wounds still look open, I love scars on the plushes but it's just unsightly on him. PP George would've been slightly better off but his ears are hilarious and he has a generic spitz face instead of anything like a Saluki OR Dane.

I will admit that some of my thoughts on character's designs in the first place got in the way here. I've never liked Tesshin or Mel's designs (Tesshin for having too much going on and unsightly colors, Mel for being... plain. lol).

In the end...I love and want all of them though :tfw_orion1:
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